Woman Can Hear Heart, Stomach And Even Her Eyes Move

Condition caused by tiny holes in bone encasing inner ear; medical team uses state-of-the-art technology to plug them

Los Angeles, CA. - Rachel Pyne says at times the sounds in her ears were deafening and inescapable. Her footsteps rumbled through her head like thunder, she could hear her heartbeat, her food digesting, and even the shifting of her eyes.

 “It was crazy. I could hear my eyes swoosh around as I moved them back and forth,” said Pyne, “Like moving your hand in water.”

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Study: Cars, Child Seats Not Compatible 42% Of Time

Researchers test 3,600 combinations, find seat angles, headrests cause improper fits

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – A soon-to-be-released study suggests a surprising number of car seats don’t fit into vehicles properly, requiring many parents to stuff rolled up towels, blankets or pool noodles under the car seats to make them level.

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Cartilage Grown In Lab Implanted Into Man's Knee

Doctors: the harvest, grow, implant procedure could change approach to knee injuries

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Doctors are testing a novel approach in an attempt to repair damaged cartilage in the knee. They’re harvesting healthy cartilage cells from a patient, using those cells to grow new cartilage in a laboratory, then implanting the new cartilage into the patient’s knee in an effort to help it heal.

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Back To School Is A Real Headache For Many Children

Experts see a spike in headaches in the fall - when is a trip to the doctor necessary?

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – A new study suggests kids who complain that going back to school is a real headache, may have a legitimate point, and some may need to see a doctor.

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Do THIS, Not THAT At The Gym!

1. Planks

Wrong: A sagging lower back can cause back pain and excessive strain at the shoulders.

Right: Keep your core tight and don’t lock out your elbows.