Device Controls Brain Activity To Maximize Therapy

Magnets send pulses through scalp, into patient’s brain to “prep” for therapy

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) November 2014 – In an effort to help patients more fully recover from stroke, researchers are using a novel device that allows them to control a patient’s brain activity prior to therapy.  “Often what happens after a stroke is that the healthy side tends to overcompensate for the injured side,” said Dr. Marcie Bockbrader, who is leading the study at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  When that happens, the body may not receive clear enough messages from the injured of the brain telling it how to function properly.

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Therapies Used In Preemies May Surprise You

From a jolt of caffeine to a dose of Viagra®, doctors adapt adult drugs for tiny babies

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) November 2014 – By the time you read this article, another baby will be born prematurely in this country.  It happens more than 450,000 times each year and the numbers continue to climb.  In the last generation alone the number of premature births has risen more than 35 percent.

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Nurses Text, Send Images From O-R With New App

Safe, secure app is designed to keep parents up to date during surgery, ease tensions while they wait

Orlando, Fla - Just as one nurse gently placed a mask on 8 year old Calvin Barr to administer anesthesia before his spinal surgery recently, another quietly stepped to the foot of the bed and snapped a photo of him with a smartphone.  Calvin playfully squinted at the nurse with the phone and through the clear blue mask you could see a faint smile.

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Inside The Nation's Most Advanced Cancer Hospital

Next-generation hospital opens as cancer is set to become leading cause of death

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) November 2014 – The newest and one of the largest cancer hospitals in the nation is set to open its doors and usher in a new era in the battle against cancer. By 2030 cancer is expected to overtake heart disease as the nation’s number one cause of death, but state-of-the-art facilities like the new James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at Ohio State are helping doctors and researchers in their efforts to stay one step ahead.

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Laundry Detergent Pods Frequently Harming Kids

Doctors call for new safety standard after more than 17,000 cases charted in 2 years

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) November 2014 – After releasing the results of a new study detailing the dangers of laundry detergent pods, researchers are calling for a national product safety standard in an effort to better protect children.


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